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Prenatal care schedule

During your prenatal care at UVA Obstetrics & Gynecology, you are encouraged to meet each doctor. While you can always opt to see your primary doctor, seeing each provider over the course of your pregnancy gives you an opportunity to get to know the doctors who could deliver your baby. When you go into labor, your baby will be delivered by the on-call doctor in our group, not necessarily by your primary doctor.

Your first prenatal appointment will be around eight weeks after your last menstrual period. Your pregnancy will be confirmed at this appointment and you might have your first ultrasound. The schedule below outlines typical visits after your first appointment:

9 weeks to 27 weeks

You will see a provider in our office every four weeks until you are 27 weeks pregnant. These appointments include listening to your baby's heartbeat, monitoring your growth and your baby's growth, and checking your urine.

28 weeks to 35 weeks

At your 28-week appointment, you will have blood drawn and a test to check your blood glucose level. You will see a doctor every two weeks from now until your 35th week for routine monitoring of your and your baby's health.

36 weeks to delivery

At your 36-week appointment, your doctor will take a Group B Strep culture. GBS is a bacteria that occurs naturally in up to 25% of healthy women. If you test positive, you will be given antibiotics prior to your delivery to prevent passing the bacteria to your baby. You will be seen weekly from 36 weeks until the time you deliver.



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