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Gynecologic surgeries and procedures

The doctors at UVA Obstetrics & Gynecology are skilled in common and complex gynecologic surgeries, including minimally invasive surgeries. While some simple procedures are completed in our office, others are done as inpatient or outpatient procedures at UVA Haymarket Medical Center. Among the procedures our physicians regularly complete:

  • Hysterectomy
  • Minimally invasive hysterectomy
  • Novasure (endometrial ablation)
  • Myomectomy (fibroid removal)

We also offer diagnostic procedures to identify causes of pelvic pain and other gynecologic issues including Interstitial Cystitis, or Painful Bladder Syndrome. Diagnostic procedures including blood and urine testing as well as ultrasound testing, all in our office.

Before suggesting any procedure, our physicians will look at non-surgical alternatives including hormone replacement therapy to determine if a minimally invasive procedure or traditional surgery is your best option.

If you have questions about a gynecologic procedure, or if one has been suggested to you and you would like a second opinion, please call our office at 571-261-3529 so that we can find the answers you need.



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